Friday, 7 February 2014

Felt Donuts

Almost 6 months ago, my oldest son turned 3. I wrote this post and kept it as draft, waiting for Lesley Chaisson to list her pattern. She did not and I think it does not matter, so I publish my post now:-)
So, my son who had 3 years old last summer loves playing kitchen and cooking delicious meal for all the family. I had a leftover of felt in brown and pink and I thought some donuts would be perfect for "mon petit patissier".  The pattern has been designed by Lesley Chaisson, for Quilts & More mag. winter 2010. Her shop is here with some other adorable pincushion patterns (hamburger, scoop ice-cream...). An if you like those donuts, just ask her, maybe she will make her pattern available again. The donuts were published as pincushions pattern but it is also perfect as pretend toy. It's a fun, easy and yummy project. And rewarding as the result is so cute!

1- Cook the dough.   2- Make the icing.   3- Sprinkle sugar decoration.  4- Eat !

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  1. Oh that's absolutely adorable! I LOVE the bead sprinkles!