Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Let' go camping!

Warm days are here, the outdoor is just waiting for us, so let's go camping!
It's been a while I was thinking about some outdoor blocks... here they are: 7 lovely blocks for all those who love camping, fishing, walking in nature, barbecuing or just watching wildlife.

Those 7 blocks can be used for a beautiful 9 blocks wall hanging or for delightful projects as cushions for your RV, seat mat for the trailer, quilt for a retreat cottage or a week-end cabin, for a scout kid, nd many fun summer projects that smell forest and BBQ.

The patterns are available in a set of 7 blocks or each block separated, in my Etsy and Craftsy shops. This should satisfy anyone who wants to add a wilderness taste in his home or decorate his trailer. We just need to find a way to bring our sewing machine in the tent...

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Last week-end, I have tried the bunny pattern from Jill's book "Storybook toys". (see previous post) It is a great pattern. Very easy to follow. This bunny is easier to sew than it seems.

 I have had a lot of fun making 2 for my sons. For Elliott (4 months old) I have selected a soft white fabric (from towel) with pastel cotton fabrics and I have embroidered his eyes closed. I though it would be sweeter for my baby to have his bunny gently sleeping. For Alfred (2 1/2 years old) I have found a funky orange large corduroy and associated it with a contrasting quilt fabric. I have used buttons for the eyes. In both I have inserted a small box filled with lentils. So those bunnies are soft toys and rattles too!

Alfred has proudly helped me stuffing the toys. I explained him that we have also put love in it. He is happy to know his bunny is filled with mom's love and he asks me about this every night before sleeping :-)
I can't wait trying Henry the Horse pattern from this book!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

First doll ever...

Making doll has always been one of my bigest dream. Marionettes are particularly fascinating for me and I always thought that Gepetto had the best job of the world. Here is my first doll ever! I did not give her a name as the little girl who will receive it will choose herself her name. This little girl has had her birthday few days ago (3 years old) and I thought a simple cloth doll could be a nice start. I will probably sew a more sophisticated doll for her 5th or 6th birthday. For this one, that is 17" tall, I have been inspired by several dolls from Internet. I picked the shape of the leg here, the shape of the face there, etc. I am quite happy with the result as it is the first one, except for the stitches on the chin. I place a dart on the neck as i did not want the face to be too flat, but the dart was too high and I do not like how it "spoils" the face.

 I have included a print fabric in the body to make her underwear, as well as stripe fabric for the socks and black fabric for the shoes. I think I will let the feet nude for the next one, to allow her to be dressed with different sewn shoes. Next time, I will also use thick wool yarn for the hair. I particularly love the hair style of the dolls made by Jill Hamor. She is the author of one of the greatest book (if not the greatest!) about doll making. I have ordered her wonderful book "storybook toys" and received it just after I finished my first doll. I will definitely follow one of her pattern for my next project: a doll for ME! I will make a detail post of it so you can figure out what can be done with this book. 

I have also found several great projects in this book that I want to sew for my boys (a bunny, an cute horse, an elephant...and more). I think I will learn a lot making those toys. I'll share with you :-)
Oh, yes, I will also work on my patterns... I do not forget all the designs that some of you have asked. I just needed a doll break :-) And it was so magic!!! Just like in my dream!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

BOM first block

Do you smell this wonderful pine forest scent?
Pine tree is the first block of my BOM, it comes from my Snow White Set, I have improved the design slightly for the BOM and it is the easiest block of the BOM. We will need this block twice for the quilt. This way, the beginners will have a good paper piecing training to start our BOM. This block can be made with one green fabric for a "plain" pine tree, or with scraps like I did above. I like this versatile design that can be part of many kinds of projects like Christmas, Camping, Woodland and many more!
The block is available in my shop here and there. Susbcription for the BOM are opened anytime in my shops too. And if you want to win a subscription, just have a look on my previous post, you could also win a copy of Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Volume 7!