Thursday, 13 March 2014

unexpected business

I do not like letting so much time without a post on my blog, but since December, I have been busy, very busy. It happened that I build play kitchens for my Etsy shop #2, that people asked for more, that I have add some canvas teepees, and again people ask for more. Play tents are something that I love, my kids have the perfect age for this, and was excited by the idea of a toy that I can sew and add some patchwork on it. I did not expected that success, I am now happy and exhausted. My priorities now are: to find a better way to manage my time, to sleep enough and to keep being to my kids the best mom I can. I also want to continue developing my block pattern collection (I am currently working on a teddy bear, a robot and few others).
But I will not complain and the timing is just perfect. Baby #2 is now 14 month old, time for me to work more and allow my husband to spend more time with the kids.
I hope to come back soon with my new blocks :-)