Sunday, 29 April 2012

Goldilocks & the 3 bears

What about a yummy poridge and a good nap?

Almost 2 months have been necessary for this new tale Set. I wanted a 6 blocks set (instead of 4 or 5 for my other tale's sets) and I have often change my mind for those blocks... should I make a block for each Bear or a family portrait in 1 block? Should I include a house or not? and many other questions... And here are my 6 blocks: the 3 Bears, Goldilocks, the house, the 3 bowls of yummy poridge, the 3 chairs with a coo coo clock on the wall, and the 3 beds. (Goldilocks and the house are available separately). Trees are also a good ingredient for this tale, and as I have already created 3 different tree blocks (for my other tales), I thought it would be better to use one of those: the pine tree. Here is my layout suggestion for Goldilocks. Isn't it a nice quilt for a baby stroller or chilren room?
I add some pict of each block separated. I hope you will enjoy!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Paper piecing tutorial and tips

A lot of sewer who have not tried foundation paper piecing think it is difficult. It is what it seems but actually it is quite easy: it requires only basic sewing knowledge like sewing a straight line. Nothing more! Here is a great tutorial made by Karen Johnson (Connecting threads). You can find many good tutorials online for foundation piecing, in movie or pictures, I think this one is the best.

I have seen several people (blogs, tuto, etc) who cut each piece of the pattern then sew in order. This is not the proper way to paper piece. It is longer plus this way the piecing is not accurate anymore. One of the great thing with paper piecing is that it allows small details almost impossible to sew otherwise, and it allows also very neat and precise piecing with crisp details. You can achieve this only by sewing through the paper.

Here are few tips and advises that I would like to add:
- Use foundation paper instead of usual printer paper: it is easier to remove without damaging the stitches.
- A small stitch make easier to remove the paper at the end, a large stitch make easier if you need to use your seam ripper. It is why I prefer a medium stitch size.
- When you choose your fabrics, the background should be contrasting with all the other fabrics of the design. If not, a part of the drawing might merge with the background and "disappear". It is the most common mistake, but when you know that, it's easy to avoid!
- Always follow the numbers (1,2,3,4...)
- When you precut your shape accurately, it is sometime dificult to be correctly adjusted to the pattern once you unfold the fabric, particularly for triangle shapes. tip: Larger pieces of fabric make it easier: they correctly cover the shapes, plus it's quicker!
- Always use large piece of fabric for the tiny shapes: it is easier to sew and you trim it later.
- For your very first paper pieced block, choose a simple pattern with larges pieces. (ex. matryoshka, barn or sweet heart from my shop are very easy)
- A cup of tea and few chocolates are a good help.
- Always have fun!

Monday, 16 April 2012

cathedral window pincussion

Few days ago, I have found this great tutorial (click here) for a cute pincussion. I had often seen those little pincussions here and there on the web and I was glad to find the tuto (Thanks Kim!). And it is really more simple, quick and easy than it seems for someone like me who never sewn a cathedral window. So this morning I have made one for my mom (but my young son has decided it belongs to him now! so...) I will make another one for my mom...and another one for me... and maybe few others for the fun!

Oh, and I forgot to show you my barn with a cute racoon on the roof! Here it is:

Friday, 13 April 2012

Garden Party Blog Hop

I am happy to share with you my contribution to the Garden Party Blog Hop, with a 0 calorie Yummy Cupcake and a giveaway! I have had a lot of pleasure to create and to sew it. The different textures (cream, cake, cup) allow many possibilities of fabrics and embelishments too. Try it and have fun! You can download this free pattern here.
Few tips for this pattern:
- a striped fabric is more realistic for the cup
- you can enhance the 3D effect of the cream by using fade color fabric or 2 fabrics (like I did in my block, see pict. below).

And if you really, really love cupcakes, what about sewing a cupcakes wall hanging with different flavors?

And to celebrate this wonderful Blog Hop, I have set up a giveaway for 13 patterns from my shop.
To enter, please go to my giveaway post here, or click the giveaway button on the right.

And visit the Jennifer's Blog to enjoy all this event and the wonderful blocks that have been designed for this Garden Pary. Have fun!
Paper Pieced Pattern-A-Day Garden Party Blog Hop

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Sister, Dad and Little Iris quilts

This is a part of the last month work (other quilts are waiting for binding or batting).
The first is a quilt for my sister. She has selected the fabric to match her bedroom. It's the Hickory House collection in red by Faye Burgos (for Marcus Brothers Fabrics). This fabric is also lovely in black and white.

I wanted to sew some tumbling cubes for a while but I had no opportunity for it. Then I have decided to sew a seed pillow for my dad. You know, those pillow you heat in the microwave. Mmmmm!!!! I need one too :-) So, cubes appeared to be just perfect for him. I have used 2 miscellany prints by Julia Rothman for Cloud 9, mixed with some FQ bought in my local shop and few solid colors.

And I had a birth to celebrate! I just love sewing for babies :-)
My school friends Eva and Etienne have had their 2nd child arrived in february. A girl named Iris. I love the name! I had some Michael Miller 1930's-50's reproductions in my shelves and I have made this sweet quilt following the same pattern than for my sister's quilt. I have also used this pattern for the aviary quilt (Joel Dewberry) shown in a previous post. It's a very simple pattern, easy to do with FQ and I love the final result, whatever the fabric style used.
I do not get used to label my quilts but I did it for the first time (I wanted to add a message for this baby) and I think I will do it again. I thought labels diminish the esthetic result, I have changed my mind...

This is a part of the last month work (other quilts are waiting for binding or batting).
The first is a quilt for my sister. She choose the fabric to match her bedroom. It's the Hickory House collection in red by Faye Burgos (for Marcus Brothers Fabrics). The size of this quilt is about 40" x 70", it is a "bottom bed" quilt.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

A Barn for my Farm

I am lucky enough to write this post from Mexico where the sun is shinning and the ocean just enough warm for me... and where I am still working! I can't stop designing and drawing blocks and here is a glimpse of the next set. I leave Mexico tonight - I can't stay too long far from my sewing machine:-) and I think I will sew this one tomorrow. It's a barn that I will add in a future "Farm set". Animals like cow and pig will follow and this should answer some customers requests. The Farm Set will be available soon in my shops, but the barn is already available alone (as will be the other blocks).
I am also working on a "Goldilocks and 3 bears Set" that will include 6 blocks. I just love puting a tale in pictures for quilting blocks. When I work on this kind of design, I am just leaving reallity to live inside the tale, sharing good time with the caracters in their world. It's so much fun! This tale set should be finished in about 10 days.
If you want to see a special block in my shop, you can make a suggestion here, or better in my giveaway (previous post). And you might win some blocks of your choice!