Sunday, 29 April 2012

Goldilocks & the 3 bears

What about a yummy poridge and a good nap?

Almost 2 months have been necessary for this new tale Set. I wanted a 6 blocks set (instead of 4 or 5 for my other tale's sets) and I have often change my mind for those blocks... should I make a block for each Bear or a family portrait in 1 block? Should I include a house or not? and many other questions... And here are my 6 blocks: the 3 Bears, Goldilocks, the house, the 3 bowls of yummy poridge, the 3 chairs with a coo coo clock on the wall, and the 3 beds. (Goldilocks and the house are available separately). Trees are also a good ingredient for this tale, and as I have already created 3 different tree blocks (for my other tales), I thought it would be better to use one of those: the pine tree. Here is my layout suggestion for Goldilocks. Isn't it a nice quilt for a baby stroller or chilren room?
I add some pict of each block separated. I hope you will enjoy!


  1. Hi Cyrille, I live in Australia and am an avid quilter. I have not been motivated to quilt since I returned from holiday and have been searching the net for inspiration. Voila I found your site with inspiration galore. It is great to be motivated again so I am ordering a few paper pieced blocks to get me started. I just love your fairy tale quilts. I shall be back.

    Crafty lady

    1. Hello Crafty Lady,
      I am glad to know that my work has helped you find inspiration! Thank you so much for this feed back, that helps me to keep motivated!
      Have a great time sewing!