Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Last week-end, I have tried the bunny pattern from Jill's book "Storybook toys". (see previous post) It is a great pattern. Very easy to follow. This bunny is easier to sew than it seems.

 I have had a lot of fun making 2 for my sons. For Elliott (4 months old) I have selected a soft white fabric (from towel) with pastel cotton fabrics and I have embroidered his eyes closed. I though it would be sweeter for my baby to have his bunny gently sleeping. For Alfred (2 1/2 years old) I have found a funky orange large corduroy and associated it with a contrasting quilt fabric. I have used buttons for the eyes. In both I have inserted a small box filled with lentils. So those bunnies are soft toys and rattles too!

Alfred has proudly helped me stuffing the toys. I explained him that we have also put love in it. He is happy to know his bunny is filled with mom's love and he asks me about this every night before sleeping :-)
I can't wait trying Henry the Horse pattern from this book!


  1. Soooo cute and the bunnies too.....grin.

  2. Hello Dear,
    Can you write a letter for me, I would like to ask You something, but by email... pasiutuz@yahoo.com. I did not find any your contact here..

  3. Hi
    Id love to make this bunny! where can i find the pattern?

    1. Jill Harmor, Storybook toys (available on amazon).
      Have a nice time sewing!