Saturday 4 March 2017


To celebrate the launching of my new product line, I giveaway one baby blanket twice a month in 2017, and I will also offer promotions and coupon codes monthly too! The first draw will be the 15th of March for a luxurious geo bear blanket with ivory faux fur minky backing. It is gender neutral, it measures 28" x 40", it is absolutely gorgeous and terribly soft!
The giveaway is open to everyone who is more than 18 years old and lives in US or Canada.
To enter go to my Facebook page here:

Wednesday 1 October 2014

My red colander

After a move, almost 1 teepee/day to sew this summer, a chicken coop to build and 2 todds to take care of, I finally found time for a new block... And I hope many more by the end of this year!
I had an old ugly plastic colander that I dreamed to replace by an enamel red one. Moving is a good excuse to get rid of some things and to buy some new stuff. I found the red colander of my dream in July and I am in love with it. Here it is. Do not forget to use a piece of white polka dots print, it is way nicer and easier than embroidery. The pattern is available here.

Sunday 15 June 2014

Cuckoo clock, time for work and time for sleep!

I could not resist...
I love cuckoo clocks. Maybe my swiss origins. So, after a long silence and a lot of teepees created for my toy shop, I come back to my patterns with... a cuckoo clock! I think this one would be great as pot holder and also as mini wall hanging. It is now available in my shop.

And for those who are waiting for new patterns, I have some good news: I will be able to produce new patterns regularly, as my husband and I will manage our working time differently, starting this summer. He will reduce his working time to help me with the kids and allow me to have more time for work ... and hopefully I will stop working at night! YES!!!!

Thursday 13 March 2014

unexpected business

I do not like letting so much time without a post on my blog, but since December, I have been busy, very busy. It happened that I build play kitchens for my Etsy shop #2, that people asked for more, that I have add some canvas teepees, and again people ask for more. Play tents are something that I love, my kids have the perfect age for this, and was excited by the idea of a toy that I can sew and add some patchwork on it. I did not expected that success, I am now happy and exhausted. My priorities now are: to find a better way to manage my time, to sleep enough and to keep being to my kids the best mom I can. I also want to continue developing my block pattern collection (I am currently working on a teddy bear, a robot and few others).
But I will not complain and the timing is just perfect. Baby #2 is now 14 month old, time for me to work more and allow my husband to spend more time with the kids.
I hope to come back soon with my new blocks :-)

Friday 7 February 2014

Felt Donuts

Almost 6 months ago, my oldest son turned 3. I wrote this post and kept it as draft, waiting for Lesley Chaisson to list her pattern. She did not and I think it does not matter, so I publish my post now:-)
So, my son who had 3 years old last summer loves playing kitchen and cooking delicious meal for all the family. I had a leftover of felt in brown and pink and I thought some donuts would be perfect for "mon petit patissier".  The pattern has been designed by Lesley Chaisson, for Quilts & More mag. winter 2010. Her shop is here with some other adorable pincushion patterns (hamburger, scoop ice-cream...). An if you like those donuts, just ask her, maybe she will make her pattern available again. The donuts were published as pincushions pattern but it is also perfect as pretend toy. It's a fun, easy and yummy project. And rewarding as the result is so cute!

1- Cook the dough.   2- Make the icing.   3- Sprinkle sugar decoration.  4- Eat !

Thursday 2 January 2014

Sunday 8 December 2013

Lovely Xmas crafts

 I wanted to share with you some simple and beautiful crafts found here and there for Christmas. I will update and add some next week.  Enjoy!

Lovely evergreens, instructions on Martha Stewart's blog
Cute Animals ornaments here.

Love gingham... Instructions here!

Lovely chains to print and cut here.

Fun 3D cards here!